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cory's going away party was tonight.
it was pretty delicious.
but pretty stagnant.
i dont know--- it was alright, but forced conversation with strangers from work.

Lisa made some awesome food for it, though.

haven't heard from the prospective employer yet-- Chris keeps telling me I shouldn't think about it and they'll call me back soon enough.
I guess I'm just waiting to hear from them-- either way. to see if I have to stick it out at target, or if i can look forward to a brighter future with another company.
I'm hoping it's the latter.

I'm soooooo sleepy tonight.
i think it's from the forty pounds of brie that i ate at that party.
I should be studying for my final on wed. but i can't get myself to keep my eyelids above half mast, let alone concentrate on textile terms.

adam got me and chris some rockin' presents--- i dont think we were expecting anything from him-- which made me wonder what I was supposed to do now?
so we went to big brain and bought him a bunch of stuff--- and with it, we got ourselves a copy of ryan's book.

all in all it was an expensive day.
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