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over and done with

so i had that thing removed. finally.
it was a giant fiasco and thousands of dollars later I am weird growth free.
thank god.

I 've been trying to figure out what i'm doing with myself lately.
I've begun applying for different jobs across the twin cities and one in particular in chicago.
I have a feeling that the Target job stint is over.
It's like I've been sitting around there doing some neat things, but I have a feeling that I should be getting on with my life.
I'm not really too happy there, and I"m not exactly learning a lot of new things to make it worth while.
Plus I"ve got no idea when they would even be looking to promote me.
now that my boss just quit it seems like a cue for me to start to get the ball rolling so I can stay behind it instead of getting run over by it as it gets bigger and bigger.

So I'll let you know how it goes!

six resumes went out yesterday.
and I'm gonna send out a couple more tonight!
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