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hey, what's up.

i finally sent out these presents that i've been meaning to mail before christmas.
I got them all together and shipped them off to respective far away friends.

work has been getting better lately. not perfect, mind you, but for a while i really thought my world was ending in all respects of my life.... i had this dream a couple of days ago that was ultimatiely apocolyptic. if you've ever had a dream that shook you so bad you were utterly useless the next day--- that was my dream.

I will post it right after i make this entry...

i was wondering if anyone had a dream dictionary so that i could be able to see what my dream meant-- if anything..... because it sure freaked the crap outta me.

these last two days have been awesome... a well deserved rest with NO COMPANY over. i made some curtains for the kitchen last night with this awesome bird pattern in them, they're white with these line drawings of birds and twigs and flowers in blue. a really tiny really cute pattern.
it's really starting to feel like *my* house. i've been trying to get this new business thing up and running with a few friends lately and it's been going pretty well. i have the first button done of the couple that i think i'll make .
there was this guy there last year at the comicon -- --that had a great booth.
he had all these shirts and prints of these illustrator pin up girls.
you should check out the website if you get a chance. they're pretty awesome.
i went on there the other night looking at his stuff and saw that he had posted something saying that all of his merchandise had been stolen at a rodeo.... that sucks.

anyway... that's what's going on.
today's gonna be a relaxing day....
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