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today's gonna be Long. it is a long weekend, yet I really dont have anything to keep me occupied today. it's supposed to be a day of family togetherness, but I'm not really in the mood to spend hours and hours sitting around talking. in fact, chris's family probably thinks poorly of me because i've retreated to the upstairs to play on the computer for a while. I'm actually thinking of plugging in my other computer and playing this game i never could beat from the beginning again.
well, things have been going better lately .i had a meeting with bridget to let her know what has been going on good and bad at the office. I have a feeeling things are going to start to change around there. and that makes me feel better. for a while i honestly thought that it was a lost cause. that nothing could happen to make the situation better, that my boss would never get reprimanded for her poor behavior and that I'd live in hell for the next while until i found another place to work.

and i was really that pissed. i was looking for ways out anywhere i could find them,.

it's so hard knowing that you dont have as many options when you've got a house to pay for.
*mental note: pay the house bill.

but... i heard on thursday that i was going to travel to new york with cori the new designer for kids!
i hope it's true....
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Here's what I said: Holy crap you've been updating! I never check this journal anymore. Add my new one please, self_collection. I've missed you!