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guts and glory

today i told my boss and my bosses boss that I needed a promotion.
and in a nice demanding way. not too jerky-- just enough that they knew I was serious.
good job gutsy.

my room smells like feces. i think its the litter box-- or maybe it's chris and he's blaming it on the litter box.
i dont know. whatever the case-- i cleaned it once today and I'm not in the mood to get up. i'm just going to keep on keepin on and let my nostril hairs burn out from the stench.

i haven't heard back from mara-mi like they said they would contact me.
chris says I should just wait and see.
my dad was saying that he thinks everyone has a good interview.
but i really honestly thought i had a great one!
so--- we'll see.
i'm waiting to hear from them.
it may be a life changing moment.

you're probably wondering why I even bothered to tell my boss and her boss that I wanted a promotion, then, huh.
well, i figure i've got a ll my bases covered. My boss's last day at target is tuesday--- and after that--- I figure that noone's really on my side.
so instead of wait it out like a sucker-- if nothing happens with mara-mi I wanted to plant the seed. to start the thought process.
Elisa figures that she'll be promoted no problem by Feb-- which is when we have our reviews.


that's good and all-- i just felt like I needed to cover my ass and get it out there.
if i'm quitting in a week or not.
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