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c' mon Hen.

Today has been the most boring day of the year.
I got alot done, made some stationery and some jewelery.
took a bath and read a book about india.
went to patina and the pet store.
filled up on gas and ate nutter butters in my car.

but I'm sitting in my house waiting for henning to call me so we can go somewhere.
Tonight's the last night we're gonna be able to go out in a while. I can only imagine what
tomorrow's going to be like and what the rest of the week will be like.
I've decided that I think he's really great.
It's been a while since I've tried to contact anyone from mcad--- ones that I dont see on a regular basis at work or whatever.
and so just recently i wrote him an e-mail and we went for some bubble tea.
and it was great.
I havent had so much fun talking to someone in a really long time.

Sometimes you forget what it's like to start new with someone. I've had the same friends for ever now and sometimes it can get stagnant.
So tonight might be another fun filled night if you f'in call me, HEN!

besides that, last night was awesome too. i went with becky to the bead store and spent a lot of money on beads that i'll never use for anything.,,
what fun! it's like my secret stash of jewels or something.

Also, in the news of me--- I ordered my t-shirt a while back and I'm pleased that it will soon be at my door--- roughly by the 8th of April!
and then comes the stores!

I got my buttons the other day. I should really post those pics up here....

So....... I dont know what i'll be doing tonight.... i suppose it totally depends on if my plans go through or what.
i hope so.

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