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Illustration Group is in two days and I havent done anything interesting for two weeks. the last time i made some art was on sunday... but that was for freelance stuff... where i was drawing mashed potatoes and stuff... so i figured tonight i'd work on my cat painting. you can see it in the background of the picture of me and vaness and jeff sitting on a chair. It's about a fourth finished. i did some highlights and shadows tonight, but cant manage to keep painting.
these last couple of days i've been really burnt out at target.

I got conned into being a mentor for a highschool student and had to go to PCAE to meet all the kids there.
I dont know how much I'm going to like being a mentor. in fact, I'm pretty upset that i didnt say no. I dont have that kind of time to figure out how to make all these meetings with someone else let alone get my shit done, without mentoring.

i keep trying to tell myself it wont be that bad, but i can only think about the inconvenience of meeting in golden valley..... whenever that will be.

my parents are coming up here this weekend to celebrate christmas at my house a week early.
that's gonna be cool. i only wish my brother BRIAN would make the trip up here. I never see him anymore. probably because he's such a recluse and a work-a-holic. still, i dont know how he's supposed to figure out how to use his present that we all got him if he doesnt come up here and get lessons from chris.

anyway... thats about it.

i hope tomorrow doesnt suck at work.
wish me luck.
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