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here's me and vanessa and jeff. notice that vanessa is sitting on him. :P
I miss her a lot....


and here are miles, jeff, and andy. sitting very nicely for a photo.
miles is jeff's mom. and andy is old and fat.


and even more pets. here's atari and twink. twink's my new puppy. atari has so far been a great guy, training twink into being not so bad. man, i forgot how bad puppies are. yeah, they're cute, but jesus they wreck everything. oh my god do they wreck everything.
twink's done more damage than atari ever did and he's what.... an eigth the size?


and FINALLY...... my very first christmas tree! yeah i know, it looks like a bush rather than a tree. but whaddar you gonna do. I like my trees FAT. :P

as far as everything else goes today i finished up a bunch of freelance stuff for this woman's text books. that was fun. i have never had to draw a fillet of fish before today. nor have i had to draw baby food and mashed potatoes.... hmmm...

i told someone that i'd be a mentor for some student at the arts highschool, so tomorrow i've gotta go down there with some art of mine and show these people what I do.... I am really not up for it right now.. and I believe the reason I got suckered into doing this is because i just cant say no sometimes when i'm backed into a corner and have no good reason not to do something. so poopies. here I go--- being a mentor to a highschool kid tomorrow.... wish me luck. :P
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