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almost finished!

i got the day off yesterday for being such a hard worker. it was so nice. I was up and about at ten in the morning getting paint from this cute place in st. paul. there's this old sugar bowl that i have from the 50's that is this great shade of robin's egg blue... so i took it to the paint store and had them mix me up a gallon.
Painting sure is expensive. everything i got - roller, primer, paint, lead paint test kit-- ended up costing 70 dollars. :P
That isnt really what i expected.

But, I had the walls all sanded down and then spackled them up and sanded them again. and yesterday i put on my two coats of primer. So.... today's the day that I get to paint for real.

And after I'm done I'll put the molding back around the base of the wall and start a new project!

like tearing up the carpet!


I"m going to the mall of america with adam hoppus today to get christmas presents for a certian chris,
wish me luck, that kid is hard to shop for.
I will take pictures of my kitchen walls when I'm done.
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